12/36kV Porcelain Clad Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

12/36kV Porcelain Clad Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Salient Features

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • High availability through spring charge spring operated mechanism
  • Single unit - easy to transport & ready to install
  • Simple & safe to operate
  • Modular construction for ease to maintain
  • Compact & rugged design for outdoor application
  • Well proven vacuum interrupters for switching functions
  • Long electrical & mechanical life
  • Adequate ground & sectional clearances as required
  • Suitable for rapid auto-reclosing duty
  • Fully type tested at NABL accredited lab such as CPRI & ERDA as per latest IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-1 & IS 13118
  • Type tested for class M2 (10,000 operation)
  • Specially type tested for Seismic test at 0.6g
  • Compatible for remote & SCADA operations
  • Mechanical on/off & spring charged indications visible without opening the front door
  • Sealed Poles to prevent ingress of moisture
  • Front access to operating mechanism


  • Transmission & distribution networks
  • Switching duties of capacitive load such as station capacitors, cables & overhead lines
  • Switching duties of inductive load such as transformers, reactors & motors
  • Onerous applications of rapid auto-reclosing

Optional Features

  • Inert gas filled poles
  • External emergency trip push button on the front door
  • Castel Lock for mechanical interlock with Isolator
  • Higher Creepage for more polluted sites of installation
  • Electrical on/off & spring charged indications visible without opening the front door
  • Higher Insulation levels when installing at elevated altitudes
  • Closing & Opening releasessuitable for low wattages, operations at low supply voltage, faster operating times

One Stop Solution

  • As an ideal solution, the circuit-breaker can be supplied along with CRPs (Control & Relay Panels), outdoor CTs & VTs and Isolators as a whole unit for electrical networks in the field of transmission & distribution.


  • The supplied CB is with foundation bolts, operating handles & terminal connectors.

  • There is a continuous effort at Stelmec to keep abreast of latest technology inline with customers’ requirement.
  • All these activities are followed as per ISO 9001 : 2008.
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