The Protection Relays play a vital role in electrical energy distribution network. It is responsible for a reliable and secured distribution system and enables the protection of the switching equipments and other critical elements which are in-turn responsible for an uninterrupted electricity supply. Relays abridge the damages in the distribution system and can thus reduce or avoid catastrophic failures.
At STELMEC, we manufacture relays with the latest technologies. Our relays have been highly reliable and have given exceptional operational performance so far. Our relays are controlled by smart controlling unit that continuously monitor the grid parameters (such as voltages, currents and so forth) and switches in case of fault conditions and are highly user friendly for installing and operating the relay. Most of the data processing happens in the digital domain and are available to be communicated by various means.
Our relays can be interfaced with any external communication devices as they have the advanced and open protocol communication. We also provide user friendly software to analyse the data which in turn helps to self verify the quality, reliability and sustainability of the distribution network.

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